• Presenting For The First Time In India

    Water Tanks Manufactured With Blow Moulding Technology.
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  • Manufactured With Blow Moulding Technology

    For manufacturing water tanks upto 5000 liters, this technology has been introduced in India by Sarita Group

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Blow Molded Water Tanks

Combining our expertise with the latest technology, Sarita has been manufacturing best quality blow moulded water tanks.  These tanks are made from a single extrusion parison, which enables the tank to be manufactured in one piece, in single shot. These water tanks are available ranging from 100 liters to 5000 liters.


Loft Tanks

Sarita has a history of successfully manufacturing and delivering various types of water tanks across India. Sarita is known is the market for its specially designed high quality Loft Water Tanks. Designed to fit compactly in small spaces, Sarita Loft Water Tanks are a reliable and safe storage for water. Our tanks last for years.

Safe Water Storage Solutions With Sarita TUF Water Storage Tanks

100% virgin material ensures extra safe water, and triple layer makes sure that the water stays cold even in the hot sun!

Sarita TUF 5000 Litres Blow Molded Water Tank


Sarita TUF 2000 Liter Blow Moulded Water Storage Tank


Sarita TUF 1000 Liter Blow Moulding Water Storage Tank


Sarita TUF 200 Liter Blow Moulding Unbreakable Water Tank


We are the First to Manufacture Blow Moulded 5000 Liter Water Tanks in India

Greater Strength
100% Virgin Material
UV Stabilized
100% Food Grade
10 Years Warranty
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